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Alexander Kolm

Coffee Order: Medicine Ball Tea |

Alexander Kolm is a Freshman Theatre Music Major here at Pepperdine University from Moraga, California. If he could eat one food for the rest of his life it would be french toast with powder sugar and syrup. A movie title that best describes his life is The Equalizer. Among other things, he is very passionate about the game Dungeons and Dragons, loving the storytelling aspect of it (if you see him around campus ask him about it!). He believes his purpose in life is to not throw about the opportunities that have been given to him. A moment in his life that made him feel alive was climbing to the top of Mount Phillips with his boy scout troop in New Mexico. In ten years he sees himself on set, looking over lines hopefully having a job that supports his family. And the best advice he could give someone is to have a plan for the future, recognize the past, but live in the moment.

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