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Alexis Scanlon

Picture taken by Daniela Singleterry at Libri Liberi in Florence

Coffee Order: Cafe Latte |

Alexis Scanlon is a Sophomore Political Science and Sociology Major with a Minor in Sustainability here at Pepperdine University. She is currently finishing off her year abroad in Florence, Italy. If she could eat one food for the rest of her life it would be sushi. A goal she has in life is to open her own coffee shop. Her favorite time of day is right after sunset when the sky is still pink but the sun is gone. A question she wishes she was asked more often is 'what's your Venmo?'. She believes her purpose in life is to make some sort of impact in an unconventional way. A moment in her life that has made her feel alive was when she went sunset swimming in Cinque Terre in her underwear. In ten years she sees herself practicing law but still taking the time to surf. And the best advice she could give someone is to always say yes (but also know when to say no).

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