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Anna Oneto

Coffee Order: Soy Latte w/ Cinnamon Steamed Milk |

Anna Oneto is a Sophomore Mechanical Engineering and Physics Double Major here at Pepperdine University from Newport, Rhode Island. If she could eat one food for the rest of her life it would be pizza specifically from Frank Pepe's Pizzaria. A goal she has in life is to be an influential person both career and relationship wise. A movie title that best describes her life is 500 Days of Summer. She is passionate about journaling as well as coffee. Something that constantly inspires her is the little random acts of kindness she sees throughout her day. She believes her purpose in life is to help others in whatever capacity that will be. A moment in her life that has made her feel alive was coming back this semester and being reunited with her friends that she grew close to last semester. And the best advice she could give someone is to know your own self worth and realize you deserve the love you give.

Take the time to have coffee with someone new.


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