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Becky Want

Coffee Order: Caramel Macchiato (when cold) and Latte (when hot) |

Becky Want is a Senior Public Relations Major with a concentration in Marketing here at Pepperdine University. If she could eat one food for the rest of her life it would be Thai food (specifically from Amarin Thai in Mountain View CA). A goal she has in life is to travel to every country in the world. A question she wish she was asked more often is "do you want to go to the beach?" because the answer would always be yes. A moment in her life that has made her feel alive was traveling to Norway and making it the top of Mount Trolltunga. And the best piece of advice she could give someone is that you only have so much energy to expend so the people you're spending it on better be worth it.

Take the time to have coffee with someone new.


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