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Elina Hakobyan

Coffee Order: Caramel Brulée Latte w/ Almond Milk |

Elina Hakobyan is a Junior Integrated Marketing Communications Major here at Pepperdine University. If she could only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be Mexican food. She is passionate about singing and has a goal to go on tour sometime in her life. Her biggest regret was straying from who she was when she got to college. She believes her purpose in life is to make an impact in whatever she ends up doing. She moved here from Russia when she was seven and speaks FIVE languages (Armenian, Russian, English, Sign Language, and Italian). When she was in high school she was a backup singer for Broadway Stars who went on solo tours. And keep an eye out because she is the reason Malibu will be getting a Chick-Fil-A soon.

Take the time to have coffee with someone new.


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