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Emma Waibel

Coffee Order: Cold Brew with a Splash of Coconut Milk |

Emma Waibel is a Senior Interpersonal Communications Major with a Minor in Graphic Design and a Certificate in Conflict Management Negotiation at Pepperdine University from Portland, Oregon. Her favorite color is mustard yellow because it is timeless and happy but not over the top. She is passionate about gardening and making people feel seen. A goal she has in life is to raise a family in a different country. A movie title that best describes her life is Moonrise Kingdom. A moment in her life that has made her feel alive was when she grew close to one of her residents last year while she was a Spiritual Life Advisor and got to see her get baptized. And the best advice she could give someone is that the ratio of friendship is 100% truth and 200% love.

Take the time to have coffee with someone new.


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