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Isabel Klein

Coffee Order: Chai Tea |

Isabel Klein is a Senior Theatre Media Production Major here at Pepperdine University. She is currently the lead in the Spring Theatre Production of Well that is opening in Lindhurst Theatre on January 22nd. Her favorite color is teal because she likes to argue with her mother about whether it's green or blue. She is constantly inspired by people who are self-driven and female comedians/creators. A question she wished she was asked more often is 'What is your favorite song lyric?' ("No I'm not color blind. I know the world is black and white." // Stop This Train by John Mayer). She believes her purpose in life is to give, whether that is being a mentor, a volunteer, a creator, a family member or friend. And in ten years she sees herself pursuing a life filled with creativity and art with a dachshund named Cheeto.

To learn more about Isabel, check out her website:

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