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Kevin Gordon

Coffee Order: Iced Coffee Unsweetened |

Kevin Gordon is a Senior Economics and Political Science Double Major here at Pepperdine University from Chicago, Illinois. If he could eat one food for the rest of his life it would be Korean Food. A goal he has in life is to give back as much as he's been given. He is constantly inspired by humanity and how much we have accomplished. He is passionate about serving others through consistent actions. He believes his purpose in life is to help others in what they need to be helped in, not what he thinks they need help in. A moment in his life that made him feel alive was when he saw John Legend perform an Aretha Franklin song. In ten years he sees himself cooking breakfast with his kids every morning. And the best advice he could give someone is to be as selfless as possible but also knowing that you can't be successful at that unless you take care of yourself.

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